The 3 needs theory is a great tool to help you improve employee motivation. All it takes for you to learn the individual needs of your employees and align your leadership style with their most important needs.

Affiliation employees — Value social interaction and cooperative working relationships. …

The VPC is the perfect complement to the Business Model Canvas. © Alexander Osterwalder

Values proposition canvas helps an individual to ensure that there is a fit between product and market. It is divided into two areas — Customer segment and Value Map.

  1. Customer Segment profile has 3 mentioned elements which describe customer characteristic that one can observe in the market:

1.1 Customer Jobs…

Image: Improv, Ref:

Improvisation is an articulated multidimensional activity based on an extemporaneous creative performance. Improvisation has 6 rules and they are important to develop creativity and generating new ideas in the following ways:

  1. Among the first rule is the Rule to “say YES!” — Saying “no” stops or end the conversation and…

Saras Sarasvathy’s theory of Effectuation (2001) expound an approach to making decisions and performing actions in entrepreneurship processes where you identify the next best step by assessing the resources available in order to achieve your goals.

Let me expain that with an analogy — Rather than making a particular dish…

As the Google search definition goes “An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.” Most of us have this notion of an entrepreneur that he is the one who is a secret genius…

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